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Pets are very sensitive even to subtle changes in their environment. They know that something’s up when their regular routine gets interrupted. On the day of the move, they may become antsy, irritable, nervous and scared all at the same time and it’s up to you to calm them down so that the movers can proceed with their task with minimal distractions. How do you calm your pets on Moving Day?
Create their special nest
Moving day can be especially tense for dogs and cats. They can become anxious and needy and you need to reassure them that all will be well once you’ve transferred to your new home. The best way to keep them calm is to create a special room for them while the moving is underway. In this room, you need to put all their familiar belongings, like their favorite sleeper, toys if they have them and their feed dish so that they will be reassured and remain comfortable surrounded by their own things.
Lock them securely in a room
The constant stream of movers into your home can wreak havoc on your pets’ sanity. If you decide to put him in a room, make sure that you lock it securely to prevent them from accidentally bolting out and into the street. They may get stepped on or even cause injury to the movers who are lifting heavy packages and won’t necessarily see them underfoot. You may even decide to put them in their carrier straightaway so that it’s easier to move them to the car once everyone is ready to travel. Don’t forget to tell everyone in the house that your pets are in this room and you can even leave a note on the door so that movers won’t accidentally open it and let your pets out.
Put their new tags on
Now that you’re moving to a new place, it’s important to update your pets’ tags and collars to reflect the new address and contact information. It’s a safety precaution, if nothing else, just in case they accidentally get lost during the travel (there have been instances when pets escape from their carriers midway into the trip). Most pets, especially cats, can run out of the house and roam around the neighborhood because of the stress of the trip. Your microchip and their tags will ensure that they get home to you safely.
Have his familiar belongings within easy access

Once you’ve packed you pet into his carrier, you should keep all his belongings in a separate box and keep it handy and within reach. The moment you arrive at your new home, it’s time to create a special place for him, complete with all his familiar stuff so that he can easily acclimate to the new house on his own. It may reduce his stress levels to see something familiar. Just make sure that you checked the house prior to moving and that there are no escape holes that can lead outside.

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