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Tuesday 16 December 2010 : Grey Samuels, the UK betting expert and horse racing analyst is preparing to launch a new version of his revolutionary betting 'Machine' to cover the Irish Horse Racing calendar. The Auto Bet System X-IV methodology has been developed from years of experience in the betting field.

With regards to how easy the system is to use Grey says 'We tested it with complete beginners, and they made profits within 2 days. I and my team provide all the direction that you need to generate profits through betting. It is the only horse race betting product you will ever need and represents a sharp poke in the eye for all the internet betting system fraudsters and scam artists'

Grey's method, which can be used by complete beginners to betting, provides clear direction on which horse to back for the highest probability of a win. Mathematical equations are used to analyse the historical data of both horses and the race courses for the recommended outcome. Grey undertook years of exhaustive research in honing his system so that it can be used successfully by absolute beginners right up to those who are experienced in betting. The system has now been computerised and offered as a package.

Following on from the Auto Bet System X software, that has proved itself in the betting industry by being the number one selling horse racing system online (as measured by Clickbank), this new version provides educational material, supporting documents and personal support from Grey Samuels and his team, as part of the package.

For more information please contact: www.autobetsystemx-iv.com

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