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Bottled Water Eclipsed By The T6 Water Dispenser

When creative design and marketing agency Eclipse rocketed from five to 15 staff, the tea run became a business issue.

Partner Colin Thody explains: “We always had the traditional arrangement of a water cooler and a kettle. We had the typical frustrations of the bottles running out and having to wait for a delivery but we kind of muddled through.

“Then we experienced tremendous growth within the business and our head count went up to 15. All of sudden, it wasn’t just a case of making four or five cups of tea which you could manage boiling the kettle once - the tea run for the office was taking up to 20 minutes.

“Not only did it make making the tea a chore but with four or five tea runs during the course of a normal business day, it was hurting productivity. That wasted time quickly adds up and we knew we had to do something about it.

“We looked at what was on offer in market and the T6 was the prefect answer for us. Not only did it cut the time for the time tea run, but it meant we could get out of our bottled water contract. And as anyone who has had a bottled contract will know, that was a very good feeling.

“Now we have an instant supply of hot and cold water on tap. The water round here doesn’t taste good straight from the tap but once it has been filtered by the T6, it tastes great, and there’s no more of that ugly film on top of your cup of tea or coffee.

“Looking back, we should have got one much earlier. We will easily pay for it from the money we save on bottled water, and then we have the increased productivity on top. We are very happy customers.”

Graphic designer Matt Saunders is one of the talented team at Eclipse who have helped customers like Sainsbury’s, Premier Foods, the Samaritans and Ralph Lauren with creative solutions for websites, posters, printed mailings and point-of-sale material.

Matt said: “The T6 is bliss. When you’re bang on a deadline and you need a cuppa, the last thing you want is to be hanging around for the kettle to boil. With the T6, cold and hot water are quite literally a press of a button away.”

For more information about the T6, visit: www.t6water.co.uk
For more information about Eclipse Creative Communications, please visit: http://www.eclipse-creative.co.uk

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